Setup Oracle for PHP on IIS

1.) Use the ZIP version of PHP as it has the "ext" folder with all extensions

2.) Download Oracle Instant Client

3.) Unzip the the Oracle Instant Client to "c:\instantclient_11_1"

4.) Append "c:\instantclient_11_1" to the system PATH environment variable

5.) Set and/or uncomment the following in your php.ini file:


6.) Restart IIS

net stop iisadmin
net start w3svc
net start smtp
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Replace Password in FileZilla sitemanager.xml with VBscript

Because FileZilla, without recompiling, doesn't allow for the use of registry settings I made this script to aid in mass deployment to workstations without affecting other sites that may have been created. This is also very useful to rotate passwords without users having to change them.