Revealing Asterisks

Resently someone had requested to recover a lost password from a program. Found a good tool that was able to reveal the password from the text box that was asterisks hidden. AsterWin

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Bridging HowTo

Was looking for a good article explaining bridging and a nice howto. Stumbled across this Bridging HowTo. Very good article. Use this when I need to put a quick network sniffer in-between two nodes.

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Internet Text Editor

Surfing around SF ( today and came across an internet text editor that could be useful for anyone that want to edit text on the internet. It's pretty self explainitory. + the fact that it's free makes it all the better. Check it out FCKeditor

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Microsoft Anti-Spyware

Microsoft is now offering a *free* download of there beta anti-spyware package. I must say this package is pretty nice and is a better then running nothing at all on your PC if your still using IE to browse the net. :cough:Firefox:/cough:


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Defcon 13

Looking forward to attending this. I plan on leaving July 28th and return on the 31st from Las Vegas!

    What, where and when:

DefCon 13 will be held at the Alexis Park in Las Vegas, Nevada, July 29-31, 2005.


$80 CASH ONLY at the door.
There is no pre-registration for the event. All persons on the property will be required to have a badge.

More information can be retrieved on their site @

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The Feds can own your WLAN too

Well it looks like the Feds are starting to use the common tools of the trade to get into wireless networks. They also were able to do it in a reasonable amount of time. Everyone knew that WEP was crackable but in 3 minutes :evil face:

After about three minutes of capturing and cracking, the FBI team found the correct WEP key, and displayed it on a projected notebook screen. Agent Bickers, still speaking to the audience, turned around, looked at the screen and was surprised, "Usually it takes five to ten minutes."

Tools Used

* Auditor's Security Collection - Contains all the wireless hacking tools already installed
* Kismet
* Airsnort
* Aircrack (includes Aireplay and Airodump)
* void11

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